Voices of Hope

Venus Mars Project is proud to support the Voices of Hope foundation, a non-profit organization to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research for Massachusetts General Hospital’s Termeer Center.

Peter Tentindo of Venus Mars Project is a co-writer of the Voices Of Hope Boston’s Anthem called “We Are The Voices”. The song was premiered at the organization’s 6th Annual Fall Gala “To Life”. The Voices of Hope foundation has recently raised $75,000 for the Termeer Center and continue to sing and perform to find a cure for cancer.

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Peter Tentindo, lead guitarist and vocalist for Venus Mars Project, joined the Voices of Hope Foundation for a performance on WCVB Channel 5 Boston. See photos below of Peter with TV personality Maria Stephanos and weatherman Harvey Leonard.


Wicked Fringe | Salem, MA

Venus Mars Project is proud to be sponsored by Wicked-Fringe Salon in Salem, MA. Special thanks to John William and his team for supporting us!

Fringe is a creative salon located on beautiful Pickering Wharf in Salem, Massachusettes. Owner John William and all of the Fringe stylists specialize in the original “Dry Cut” for straight & curly hair as well as the latest color techniques designed to enhance ones natural beauty and fit each individual lifestyle – ones that continue to look as stunning in the weeks following your visit.

Visit their website for more information.

Interested in Sponsoring a Fresh, New Power Pop/Rock Band?

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Imagine music that combines the rawness and unpredictability of the rock world with the glossiness and catchy hooks of the pop world. Singer/songwriter Jacyn Tremblay and guitarist/singer/songwriter Peter Tentindo have come together from their respective sonic realms to create a truly unique and thought-provoking new musical experience called the Venus Mars Project.

#LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  1. #LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  2. Not Gonna Stop Me Now // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  3. Jump In // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  4. Hands of Time // Venus Mars Project - All Songs