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21 February 2014

Dig Radio Boston sits down with the Venus Mars Project

Dig Radio’s Charles Rivers recently sat down with the Venus Mars Project to talk about everything from current music to career influences, and much more! Venus Mars Project would also like to send a big thank you to Lisa Finelli!

Listen to the interview here:


About Venus Mars Project
Imagine music that combines the rawness and unpredictability of the rock world with the glossiness and catchy hooks of the pop world. Singer/songwriter Jacyn Tremblay and guitarist/singer/songwriter Peter Tentindo have come together from their respective sonic realms to create a truly unique and thought-provoking new musical experience called the Venus Mars Project. Links: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Souncloud | ReverbNation | Google+

About Dig Radio
Dig Radio, founded in 1999 (formerly the Weekly Dig), is Boston’s best and only weekly entertainment magazine. We cover local news, arts, music, sex, food, movies and shopping in a lively, funny, incisive and, most importantly, dead honest delivery. Dig is the only publication in Boston that has an absolute lock on the 21-34 year-old demographic everyone’s after. Links: Facebook | Official Website

#LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  1. #LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  2. Not Gonna Stop Me Now // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  3. Jump In // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  4. Hands of Time // Venus Mars Project - All Songs