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05 April 2014

Pre-Production Process for upcoming single “Jump In”

Following the songwriting process of our latest tune “Jump In”, we move into pre-production. This is the process where we demo our song and decide what we want it to sound like before we go into the studio to record it. One of the best things about doing pre-production demos for us is that it saves time and money in the studio. We plan everything out ahead of time, whether it is vocal harmonies, guitar parts, drums, or production ideas to make our song better. This planning stage is utterly important to us.

We start on pre-production with the drums, as they are central for building the right sound, tempo, and energy for the track. Peter starts first by programming drums into the computer. Both Jacyn and Peter try to decide on the correct tempo for the song during this process, as we want it to be the right vibe and speed for the melodies. Once the rhythm and drums are set, we move on to bass guitar. We chose to demo this song using Peter’s Kemper Profiling Amplifier, which contains a setting to transpose his guitar down an octave to sound like a bass.


After completing bass guitar, Peter adds his rhythm electric guitars to the mix. Once again, using the Kemper Profiling Amp, he selects the sounds necessary to capture the energy for the song. Peter also decided to add some lower octave guitars into part of the chorus to fatten it up more. Following that, Peter records his lead guitars. 

For vocals, Jacyn records the melodies to her verse, pre-choruses, and choruses of the song. This helps when we are ready to track in the studio. Peter then sings his verse, pre-choruses, and choruses to finish up lead vocal tracking for the demo. Probably the most fun thing about doing this new song is splitting up the vocal parts, which is very different and exciting for both of us this time around. Following lead vocals comes all the background vocals, which we want to be very tight and polished. We find that this process is very important and helpful once we get into the studio to finish production on the song.

Once the demo is finished, we head to the studio to complete production on “Jump In”.

Can’t wait for you to hear it! Keep checking in for our studio production blog coming soon! Thanks for checking out our blog!

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