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18 December 2013

Songwriting 101 with Venus Mars Project

Hello Venus Mars Project fans! We wanted to write a blog article today giving you a deeper dive into the songwriting process we use to come up with the lyrics for our music.

We are currently in the process of writing two new songs that we will be releasing in 2014. Many people ask us what our songwriting process is. For us it’s very personal.

We get in a room together and start talking about our day, and what we are going through in our lives, and sometimes a theme will present itself to us during the conversation. That idea generally becomes the chorus of the song. We stick to 2-3 hour sessions each day and some songs take up to a couple of sessions to complete.

songwritingMany times, one of us will already have an idea for a concept to work off of. Then we tend to come up with the melodic concept that goes with the idea. For one of our songs, we each wrote our own bridge, compared them to each other, and then blended them together to form the final version.

When it comes to the melody, sometimes we come into a songwriting session with an idea that we recorded on our phones. This idea can either be lyrical or melodic. From there, we start strumming a guitar, jamming on the keyboard, and humming out melodies. For these songs, things have come together very quickly!

We don’t like to force the creative process; we go with what we feel. If we aren’t feeling it, then we will shift gears to something else. It’s really been working for us!

The next step is getting a pre-production demo of our songs together. We will fill you in on the next steps in our song-creation process on an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

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