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03 June 2015

Venus Mas Project performs with Jonathan Edwards at Kowloon Restaurant

Venus Mars Project performed live at Kowloon Restaurant on May 29, 2015. They opened for legendary folk rock singer, Jonathan Edwards, with an 8 song set featuring a collection of originals and covers of their favorite songs. The crowd was hot in a nearly sold out Kowloon upstairs! We had a blast! See some photos and videos from the event below. More coming soon!

#LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  1. #LaLaLaLove // Venus Mars Project - #LaLaLaLove
  2. Not Gonna Stop Me Now // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  3. Jump In // Venus Mars Project - All Songs
  4. Hands of Time // Venus Mars Project - All Songs